Analyzing Themes Of Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'

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Themes Of A Christmas Carol

Stave1 1 theme that Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol book portrays is greed. Ebenezer Scrooge first shows his greediness on page 9-11. A food drive is asking Scrooge if he could donate some food to the poor. Most of the poor people can’t afford to stay in a home. Many would rather die. Then Scrooge says if they would rather die, they better get on with it. He says it would decrease the surplus population. Scrooge shows greed by not even putting a penny for the poor.

Stave 2 In the second stave of A Christmas Carol’s theme changes to regret. As the 1st of the 3 spirits lead Scrooge through a past of Christmas’, we get the feeling that scrooge has regrets. During one of the memories, scrooge sees himself as

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