Analyzing Tori Bushii's 'This Detail Of Yakushi'

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This Detail of Yakushi is an incredible sculpture that originates from the Yakushi Triad. It shows a Japanese Buddha sitting on a throne. His left hand is raised with his index finger and thumb touching each other. This Buddha is made of a brown metal that has black rust spots on it from age. The artist, Tori Bushii was a very purposeful in making his robes look as if they are draping around him. There are little wrinkles in the fabric that help to bring the statue to life. He has a head piece on that is made of shells. He has a very blunt nose and big eyebrows. His eyes are half way shut which makes him look more relaxed. His lips are pressed together and he almost has a distasteful look on his cheeks. He has giant earrings that hang half way down his neck. His legs are crossed and you can see the top of one of his feet. Bushii was so detailed he even carved toenails onto this sculpture. The back of this throne is made of gold. It has a bunch of Buddha’s sitting in the same position as him sticking out and there are many fluid designs carved into it that look…show more content…
This sculpture shows what aging does to a person. It shows a very old man covered in robes. He is holding a chain of prayers beads between his hands. The artist did a great job carving this old man’s face. He has a flat face with all of the wrinkles that an old man would have. His eyes are partially closed and he has big ears and a big nose. His lips are curved downward as if he is in pain. You can see his hands are old and withering up. His bones stick out like giants on his little hands. He wears a dark gray robe that covers his whole body except for his head, neck, and hands. He is sitting with his legs crossed and appears to be thinking. This is a naturalistic representation of an old man it shows the kind of talent that these carvers possessed. They artfully painted this man with delicate brush strokes making him look incredibly life
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