Analyzing Trayvon Martin's Poem

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Many of you may know the sad story of Trayvon Martin, but for those who do not please listen carefully. Trayvon Marin was a seventeen-year-old boy that was killed by the neighborhood watch leader. Martin was staying at his father’s home that was located in a predominately white neighborhood. On February 26,2012, Martin took a walk to the gas station and purchased a pack of skittles and ice tea and unfortunately on this very same night Trayvon did not return home. Has anyone taken the time to sit back and watch how America’s judicial system tries to slip the racial injustice towards African Americans under the rug. This is not only referring back to the 1950’s equity framework. But, focus on the ever-show shamefulness Black America still battles with today. History has demonstrated to us how these one-sided practices have been permitted and now have turned into the preface of our nation. Here is a differentiated timetable of how America has advanced on the matter of racial treachery. Lillian Bertram was a very strong influential woman that wanted justice for Trayvon Martin so she used this poem as a way to help tell his story. She question if America was ignoring the truth about discrimination within America so she choose to write this poem to…show more content…
Once Trayvon made his purchase at the gas station he began his journey back to his father’s house. On his walk he walked into the land of a “Troubled Man”. The troubled man is referring to George Zimmerman the head of neighborhood watch. “A water person of old who grew troubled by the strange singing floating in the dark.” Zimmerman was “frightened by Martin’s unknown presence. George Zimmerman mistook Trayvon Martin for a terrible
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