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In this section of Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, Fat Charlie goes to visit his father’s grave in a hope that he will be able to gain information on how to get Spider and himself out of this precarious situation. While he is at the graveyard Mrs. Bustamonte comes up to him and claims that Mrs. Dunwiddy wants to speak with him. While on her deathbed Mrs. Dunwiddy lets Fat Charlie know that she was the one who banished Spider away and got rid of the tricky qualities that he had once possessed. She also tells Fat Charlie that Mrs. Higgler has taken the feather to St. Andrews. Fat Charlie begins the process of traveling to St. Andrews, where there is a music festival occurring, and has a dream conversation with a captive Spider that proves to him he needs to solve this situation as soon as possible. Since there is no extradition treaty the other cops are willing to give up on charging Grahame Coats, who is miserable being a no name exiled man. Daisy is not pleased with this information and travels to St. Andrews to catch him. Maeve Livingston meets a strange man in the cemetery and decides to dance with him. Grahame Coats runs in to Rosie and her mother in St. Andrews then decides to kidnap them so they are not able to give out his location. Daisy and Fat Charlie meet in a hotel…show more content…
Dunwiddy felt the need to banish Spider. I understand that he would cause trouble, but I feel like it was no reason to split up the family. In this section music, an important theme in the book, it brought up again. Fat Charlie saves Daisy and himself when he uses music as a distraction to get away from Grahame Coats. There is also a music festival occurring on the island. Music, in this novel, has a great deal of influence on what is occurring. For example, music played a part in Fat Charlie’s mom briefly healing form her terminal illness. That healing was also done on Rosie’s mom. Plus, singing helps mend the relationship between Bird woman, Fat Charlie, and

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