The Pros And Cons Of Communism And Fascism

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In this day and age of mass shootings, mass hysteria, and mass ignorance, political debates occur everywhere. In these so-called “debates”, many of the participants have their terms misconstrued. This can cause confusion and even lead to emotional, ad hominin attacks. The usual culprits of these ad hominin attacks, Liberals, have no basis for their arguments, and thus resort to emotions to back up their points. Liberalism falls on the left, progressive side of the political spectrum, while conservatism and libertarianism lie on the right side. Most people, especially on the left think that conservatives are far-right, fascist, narrow-minded, bigoted, Nazis, who do not embrace change. However, this false notion, again, based on emotions, stems from an ignorance about conservatism, whether that be willful or unintentional.…show more content…
A common misconception is that the two extremes of the political spectrum are Communism (Left) and Fascism (Right). However, Anarchism should be considered far right, because it advocates no form government; Communism and Fascism should both be considered far left because they both utilize forms of totalitarian governments. Conservatives and Libertarians believe in personal liberty and as little government as possible, making them right leaning. Liberals and other left-leaning mindsets believe that more government is the key to freedom, putting them on the left end of the political
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