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Anastasia Hayes by Sensen

Yes, I was there at the making of the flag. I was believed to be one of the first people on the goldfields. I was born on the 1818 at Castle, country Kilkenny, Ireland, I Anastasia Hayes (my maiden surname was Butler), was a handy sewer and a true rebel. I helped sew the Eureka flag. I did it with 2 other ladies by the names of Anastasia Whithers and Ann Duke.

Timothy and I came on a ship called the Mobile along with William Penovan and Henry Winkles in Melbourne on the 5th of October in 1852. I’m the daughter of Richard Butler and Ellen Barton. I’m married to Timothy Hayes and had 5 children. When we got to the goldfields, I gave birth to my 6th child Ellen in the family home: a tent. I worked as a teacher at
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When a trooper captured my husband, Timothy, I said with my fiery temper: “I wouldn? na been taken by the likes of you.”
When Timothy was acquitted, our marriage was disintegrated. After that, I was left to raise my 6 children alone.

I was a brave woman who sewed the flag, survived the tough times and assisted with the amputation of Peter Lalor’s arm. I shaped Australia’s identity. My eagerness and firebrand personality are the perfect traits for a rebellion leader.

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