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In the article, “Anatoli Boukreev ( Responds to Krakauer ), Anatoli Boukreev disputes the topic of his critical, odd decisions and actions on Mount Everest on May 10,1990. He argues that he was indeed experienced, he had to move forward to retrieve help or else he would have died along with the rest of the climbers, he did not need oxygen since he was already adapted to the extreme cold weather, and in fact that he was well dressed for the climate. To begin with, Boukreev was already familiar with the Mountain. To explain , “ In my career I have summited Everest three times” ( Boukreev 71). That goes to show that he already knew what he was getting into and doing. In fact, he has reached the highest point of many mountains without no oxygen tank. To show, “ I have summited…show more content…
In addition, Boukreev was looked upon mysteriously for leaving alone down the mountain. However, he clearly stated that he was worried about the climbers; “ I had no radio link to those below me, I began to wonder if there were difficulties down the mountain. I made the decision to descend...I was able to locate straggling climbers, locate lost and huddle climbers” ( Boukreev 71- 72). Mr Krakauer believed that he abandoned them or perhap killed them himself, however he has proven all he wanted to do was help them. Mr. Boukreev had also been found suspicious for giving up his oxygen tank to Neil Beidleman. Although, as stated before Boukreev did not need the oxygen since he was already accustomed to climbing without it. To illustrate, “ After monitoring my condition and feeling that it was good, I choose to give my bottle of oxygen to Neil, about whose personal supply I was concerned” ( Boukreev 73). To lay the facts down, Boukreev was worried about Neil and decided to help him out. Moving forward, Mr. Krakauer did not believe Boukreev was dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. He believed he was lightly dressed.
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