Anatoli Bukreev Accomplishments

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Anatoli Boukreev was born on January 16, 1958 In Korkino. He was a Russian mountaineer who climbed 10 of the 14 peaks at eight thousand meters. Boukreev was well known for his ascent, and also for his heroic event in 1996 when he saved climbers in the Mount Everest disaster. In 1997 Boukreev was killed in an avalanche during an ascent of Annapurna located in Nepal.

At age 21, Anatoli dreamed of mountain climbing. In 1985 he was part of a Kazakhstani mountaineering team. After that, he became a citizen of Kazakhstan in 1991 after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Anatoli was not only a mountain climber though, he was also a hero. Anatoli helped Scott Fischer’s adventure company save the lives of the people who got injured in 1996 during the Mount Everest disaster. One of the people he helped and rescued was New York socialite Sandy Hill Pittman.

Anatoli had a lot of accomplishments throughout his life. His first solo ascent took place in Lenin Peak, which is located in Kyrgyzstan Russia, near the Tajikistan border. This event occurred back in 1987 and was 7,134 miles high. After that Anatoli had many great solo ascent adventures, and to this day holds the fastest ascent record that occurred on October 8 in Dhaulagiri Russia which was 8,176 miles high and only took 17 hours and 15 minutes.
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Denali, previously known as Mount McKinley, has challenges such as hidden crevasses and unpredictably cold weather due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle and the ocean.The expedition was a success and the team reached the summit and returned without incident. During the climb there had been somewhat of a language barrier and Boukreev felt the sting of needing to borrow equipment due to his economic circumstances. After the team had returned home, Boukreev decided to attempt a solo speed ascent of Denali before returning to the Soviet
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