Ancestry Vs. Personal Experience In Boy Overboard By Morris Gleitzman

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Ancestry vs personal experiences

Jamal a 11 year old boy who has been forced to grow up more than he has to and has to do extremely dangerous actions throughout the book.

Bibi a 9 year old girl who wants to become a famous soccer player but she can 't because the government won 't allow girls to go outside without an adult man beside them.

Rashida a girl who used to live in Australia and has green lipstick whose parents couldn 't get onto the boat.

Omar a boy who had thief ancestors and tried to steal Jamal 's ball is actually a good person but sucks at soccer.

Boy Overboard a book written by Morris Gleitzman is a book about Jamal and Bibi on the quest to try and become Australian football stars but they must conquer lots of challenges by using their family 's ancestry. I think Jamal and Bibi use ancestry more than personal experiences!

The bakers from Dad’s side have helped Jamal a lot like when they were on the boat and Rashida gave Jamal flour to cook bread so they didn’t starve. But a few days later pirates came and took the bread and threw it overboard.

When Jamal, Bibi, Rashida and Omar were on the smugglers boat and Jamal says to Bibi keep emptying the water from the boat with vegetable tins in the massive storm I think of Dad’s ancestors, countless generations of bakers who got up at 3am even though they needed more sleep who stick at it, dragging sacks of flour, kneading dough, twisting their backs to reach into scalding ovens, loaf

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