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Introduction of Anchor Beer In the world, beer is one of the oldest and widely expended alcoholic drinks. Beer is brewed from cereal grains, malted barley, wheat, corn, and rice are used. During the brewing process, fermentation of the starch sugars in the wort produces ethanol and carbonation in the resulting beer. Most modern beer is brewed with hops, which add bitterness and other flavours and act as a natural preservative and stabilizing agent. There are many types of flavouring agents such as fruit, herbs are included or used to replace the hops. In advertising brewing, the natural carbonation effect is often removed during processing and replaced with forced carbonation. Barley is bud, called malt. Malt is dried in a kin, the duration…show more content…
In South Korea the beer must have less than twenty-five percent alcohol by volume. In addition, beer in South Korea must use only water, hops, and starches (wheat, rice, barley, corn, or potato) as ingredients in brewing process. In Singapore, the beer must have in the minimum 1.0% alcohol by volume concentration at 20 °C. It is often brewed from a mixture of grains like malt, sugars or its equivalent, and hops or other vegetables. History Of Anchor Beer In American anchor beer is the first and oldest craft beer. In 1933, anchor beer started when an German brewing company, Archipelago Brewery Company, ventured into Singapore. The main beer is based on Pilsner 's traditional Pilsen beer, using real European recipes. Anchor beer are using the best European malt and hops to process beer. After taste it gives without bitter and gives cool. In the oversea market, there are many types of Anchor Beer such as Anchor Steam Beer, Liberty ALE, California Lager, Anchor Porter, Anchor Go West! IPA and so on. In market Malaysia, they are only have Anchor Smooth, Anchor Strong and Anchor Smooth Draught. The alcohol average percentage for Anchor Beer is around 4.8% to 6.7%…show more content…
The characteristic are divided into four parts. There are appearance, aroma and smell, taste and mouth feel. Below is the type of Anchor Beer characteristic. Anchor Steam Beer Anchor Steam has a deep bronze color with a thick creamy head. The taste is full and malty with a bitter hop aroma, a unique beer universally recognized as a world classic that traces back to the Gold Rush period. Average percentage of alcohol is around 4.8%. Liberty Ale The appearance is a hazy yellow or orange colored body with a white creamy full head, can smell with floral, grapefruit like bitterness in the middle, lager like malt aromas. Average percentage of alcohol is around 5.9%. California Lager Clear golden color with foamy white head, the aroma and taste is a little bit smooth but not special, the flavor is light malt flavor. Average percentage of alcohol is around 4.9%. Anchor Porter With deep black color, a thick, creamy head, rich chocolate and coffee flavors, and smoothness, this beer is the example of a handcrafted dark beer and a classic of the porter style. Average percentage of alcohol is

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