Promotion Techniques Used To Distribute Products Essay

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PLACE 300-400 words Explain where your product can be bought

It can be found locally and overseas countries such as Britain, Hong kong, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, and Americas. Create a diagram showing the channels of distribution the business uses

Discuss the reasons why they use these channels – relate your answers to their target market

Fonterra is the manufacturer for many product brands but in this case it is the Anchor brand which is the distributor. Retailers and wholesalers do sell Anchor butter to the consumers. The Anchor brand was created in New Zealand in 1886 and is owned by the New Zealand-based
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Here, they make this commercial Christmas themed.

Here they are promoting their product on a New Zealand food website since this product is originally from the country.

Fully explain the promotional strategies that your product uses

Anchor butter has gained its popularity through some of these promotion techniques below:

-Advertisements, locally and worldwide as you can see from the screenshots above.
-Attractive packaging, the sachets that are sold in breakfast combos and they add accurate measurement scales onto the packaging for easy usage in baking or cooking.
-Anchor logo is well recognised itself that consumers instantly can feel that they could trust this product.
-They promote themselves on New Zealand and international websites such as and
-Cooking shows that sponsor the product.
-Facebook advertising
-Content marketing
-Coupon deal sites
-Email marketing
-Food events, for example; in a event called easter show where they offer free samples of their products.
-Fast food companies, for example; Mcdonald’s and cafes.

Discuss how the promotional strategies that they use are appropriate for their target

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