Anchored Putter History

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There are many ways to play the game of golf. The different ways to play may depend on how the game was taught to individuals. If someone needs to chip a ball close to the hole, they may hit the ball high and land it near the hole, or they can hit the ball low and roll the ball to the hole. Over the past three or four years, the most controversial way to play the game was to use an anchored putter, commonly referred to as a belly putter. Some players saw a major improvement in their game, while others disagreed with the use of an anchored putter completely. When the anchored putter ban was enacted on January 1, 2016, the game of golf changed completely. An anchored putter is a long putter that is pressed up against one’s chest and stomach region of the body, it is not an anchored putter if the putter is pressed up against the forearm area. It is referred to as a belly putter because most players…show more content…
Since Scott began to use an anchored putter, more players started to use an anchored putter and debates about the use of an anchored putter appeared. In April 2011, the USGA Executive Director Mike Davis came on to “Morning Drive”, a golf talk show, and said “We don 't see this [anchored putters] as a big trend. It 's not as if all the junior golfers out there are doing this. No one 's even won a major using one of these things anchored to themselves. So we don 't see this as something that is really detrimental to the game “ (Golf Channel Digital). Davis was talking about a possible ban on anchored putters, which wouldn’t really affect golf in a significant way. Four months after Davis made this statement, Keegan Bradley won the PGA Championship, becoming the first player to win a major while using an anchored putter. After Bradley won the PGA Championship the anchored putters began to become trendy with Bill Haas winning the Tour Championship, becoming the fifth person to win with an anchored putter in seven weeks (Golf Channel Digital), and more success was later
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