Ancient Africa Research Paper

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Throughout our History on Earth. We have built Many different civilizations. Africa is one of them , Africa has seen the rise and fall of many of its empires. The oldest and Largest of the empire being Egypt, though they gave us the pyramids and Pharaohs , They weren 't the only ones to develop the culture of africa as we see it proven today. African culture Is very diverse, to generalise it would cause too much confusion. The way I see it , African culture in relation to astronomy was largely based on geographics because well, africa is a massive continent. Places like the sahara desert, the savannas, the rainforest, and the evergreen forest would go on to shape the cultural identities of those that inhabited these locations. Ancient African civilization has given us a lot to appreciate, much more the bases on where to continue the journey. To further discuss the idea of culture in this Country we can look at the advancements of african…show more content…
There have been many countries in africa that have began some of the foundations of astronomy. many of the ideas and data that we seem to can go without . All these ideas that came from somewhat primitive civilizations shape our lives , Most of them we rely on today , some so advanced their beginnings cannot be found or understood to the fullest distinction. For example ancient egyptians took data off the sun movements in addition to the cycle of the moon and constellations. Later dividing the year into 12 different parts and Created what we know today as the basic calendar system. They even gave thought to a system of telling time. This involved water clocks and sundials. Apart from egyptian discoveries, There are plenty of other discoveries scattered around the continent. Stonehenges were found in Kenya , The people of Mali have various accounts of information regarding the bases of astronomy , many so advanced that they can be accredited to the discoveries of aliens and other various space
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