Ancient And Modernized Generation: The Impact Of The Modern Generation

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Daily, our lives are changing which leads to various gaps between ancient and modernized generation. In fact, life is different in terms of communication, educational opportunities, the impact of technology on our lives and lifestyle Therefore, the difference may vary based on personal experiences thus making it a subjective topic. However, each generation has a vital role to play in shaping and molding the future generation. For instance, one of the greatest noticeable modifications between ancient and modernized generation is how they communicate. Ancient generations had no accessibility to medias, so, they communicated effectively with friends and families by writing letter to those located in long distances and preferred face-to -face communications with those in proximity. Also, they engaged in regular social gatherings with both families and friends and took turns are each other’s residence. However, modernized generation used fast communication over the use of cellular phones and internets precisely social media to communicate to individual whether far or near; and rarely visit the homes of families and friends. Therefore, ancient generations were more social than today’s youths which helped to build stronger relationships and high levels of communication with the real world. Furthermore, technology has impacted our society both positively and negatively. In fact, the ancient generations were unfamiliar with programmed devices so they completed several tasks using
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