Ancient Authors: Passage Analysis

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Recent discoveries convey an importance to the world’s history. However, different authors convey that idea in different ways. The passage,” New Discoveries in Ancient Egypt” by Bryan Brown and “The Curse of the Pharaohs” by Zahi Hawass suggests that any discovery is very helpful in the long run. On the other hand, “Cities of the Dead” by Denise Rinaldo tells the reader how the discoveries are not important unless you found everything about that topic. One thing all these stories do have in common is that they all share the idea that findings from the ancient times can give us a better understanding of our origins. The passage,” New Discoveries in Ancient Egypt” by Bryan Brown is about a group of scientists that found the tomb of Aha, an important pharaoh in Egypt. This passage suggests that any discoveries are important and can lead to a lot of other uncovering as well. As written in the passage,” Today, clues to the great mysteries of one of the world’s greatest civilization are being dug out of the desert bit by bit.” The passage…show more content…
Unlike the other two authors, this author believes that discoveries are not relevant until they are fully solved and uncovered. As suggested by the article,” But the island still has many secrets. For instance, wooden tablets have been found with strange writing on them.” This shows how the author thinks that everything must be uncovered before you can say that the search was successful. Also, the passage stated,” Nobody has ever figured out how to read the tablets. But experts in ancient writing systems are trying to decipher them. If we succeed, will the tablets tell us more about how the islanders lived and what they believed? Or will they just add the mystery of this tiny island?” The author tells his readers that the deciphering of the tablets will not be an automatic bonus for them because it may unearth more
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