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The Ancient Chinese were famous for their important inventions and technology. It was more advanced than any other culture in the world. Having these inventions China became more powerful and without these inventions, life would 've been difficult. Using these inventions it has attracted the whole world with its fast economic growth. During Song and Tang Dynasty China had invented inventions such as paper money, canals, and porcelain. It made China more powerful and wealthy by having an easy way to trade therefore increasing the size of the market throughout the country and abroad. During the Tang Dynasty China realized that the traditional way of carrying around heavy loads of coins, using strings of Cowrie shells, or heavy bronze objects…show more content…
Porcelain did not just increase the trade and the economics of China, it also increased the trade beyond the regions of China. Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is made out of clay covered by a glaze, and fired in a high temperature. Having the technology of producing porcelain China became stronger with a much more developed economy and a prosperous foreign trade. Porcelain was exported along the Silk Road, as other areas such as Japan, Korea, Central Asia, the Mediterranean coast, north and east Africa, and much more. Later, it became more popular over the many countries that don’t even surround China Such as the middle East, and Egypt. Increasing the popularity of this porcelain, China started to build factories and production centers, and developing new technologies of coloring. Also, porcelain was developed in special orders for agents of companies that considered European taste of porcelain. The spread of porcelain shows the significance and the contribution of it to China’s economy. Porcelain in shaped China in a more powerful way since it was the only country that produced this product at the time. Paper Money, Canals, porcelain, are just three invention that were developed in China, but each one of those invention contained a great impact, and power behind it. These things did not just help China more advanced, it made China more powerful by increasing its economy. It was holding China together. Without it, China would have not been powerful and

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