Ancient China Patriarchy Analysis

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Patriarchy and women's voices have been a major concept within ancient history. In many civilizations such as China , India and Rome women had both similar and contrasting systems of patriarchy that they had to subscribe to. In analyzing and identifying civilization based on male dominance one can infer that women were considered far less valuable , significant and vital to society in comparison to men. In reference to the text on patriarchy in China , India and Rome women were often deprived of their voices, oppressed in their native lands and irrelevant. In order to grasp a true understanding of patriarchy the concepts of comparative gender systems , possible action for women of the time , internalization of social values and making intellectual judgments are of extreme importance. This essay will analyze as well as identify these entities as they relate to patriarchy and women’s voices in ancient China ,…show more content…
In China women could not remarry if their husbands died which granted widows miniscule freedom. In India on the other hand women could only seek freedom through religious refuge by becoming buddhist nuns. As nuns Indian women were able to write while in monastery.In reference to Ban Zhao and the Bhikkhunis, writing was often used as an outlet or form of expression which can be seen as challenging the societal elements of patriarchy. In this example writing challenged the elements against women of the time due to the fact that in most societies learning as well as anything related to academics was not socially accepted for women. However, in ancient Rome women challenged the elements through using their voice, this was only allowed because the dynamics of Rome were extremely permissive in comparison to China and
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