Ancient Civilization Characteristics

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Ancient Egypt is one of the greatest ancient civilizations in the world. It is the home to the great River Nile and the sun god, Amon-Ra. In this barren landscape, where sand reigns supreme, a small group of people built a lasting civilization that would be remembered for all time. From pyramids to great medical achievements, jaw-dropping temples seen like nowhere else, and a hierarchal structure of power, these people built a nation in the desert. Ancient Egypt was known for lots and lots of things but they are some major characteristics that made it as great as it was. In the following essay, the main characteristics of this civilization will be outlined and explained on what made this a great and lasting civilization that is still talked about to this day.
No one can think of Egypt without picturing its magnificent architecture. Egypt is made really special by its one of a kind architecture, which includes the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, but also include so much more amazing buildings that were unique. It has left behind some of the most impressive buildings of the ancient world. Most of the buildings in Ancient Egypt were built out of stone. These include the important dwellings such as temples, pyramids, and statues which were built of a mixture of limestone and granite. These are the structures that have survived to this day. The normal houses were built of Nile baked sun bricks. Other characteristics of building in Ancient Egypt were thick columns, and smooth,
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