Ancient Egypt Daily Life Essay

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Daily Life in Ancient Egypt The source depicts daily life farming in Ancient Egypt, this was created for an Egyptian Official named, Ramose, State Administrator under Amenophis III and Akhenaten. The scene was created in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings along with the tombs of many other Pharaohs and high administrative officials of the royal court. It was sculptured on a fine white limestone of the region. They picked the location of the picture because of the fine-grained exquisite decorations in full colour. For example, they used a bright yellow for the wheat they were harvesting, white for some of their clothing and dark brown skin for the Egyptians. This sculpture was made because…show more content…
Some of the Egyptians were good sailors, their jobs were to carry the wheat in a boat, safely to trade in Ancient Greece and Rome. This earned the Egyptians rewards such as money and clothing. The Scene shows in order from bottom left and the end is the top right. The Peasants first, harvests the wheat with a hoe and then others carry the wheat with big nets, secondly, a beast follows an Egyptian dropping seeds on the ground while the beast ploughs the land, thirdly, an Egyptian carries the wheat to the Pharaoh, he then sends it to the chariot for it to be stored. Some of the crops goes to trading across Ancient Greece and Rome for money and clothing. In conclusion the Ancient Egyptians are smart in many ways, the technology of hoes, nets, brooms to sweep the wheat on the floor, shaking the wheat for the seeds to come out, so they can grow more wheat, storing the rest of the wheat, punishments if the job isn’t done properly and trading with other countries to earn money, clothing and allies. The Pharaoh would be in the tomb with Hieroglyphics on the wall, there is more writing when it is on a higher register. Farming in Ancient Egypt has changed Egypt, just because the
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