Ancient Egypt Geography

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Did you know Ancient Egyptians worshiped over 1,400 different gods and goddesses? Egypt is the second most populous African country after Nigeria. It is located by the Nile River which is used as a main resource for the people around. Many people know about Egypt’s infamous history but, what a lot do not know is about their engrossing education and geography. Ancient Egypt produced a lot of rich history that is well known around the world. There is no recorded history of known early civilization but estimates were around 3100 B.C. Egypt’s government turned into a Presidential Republic after 1952. There is also no known history of what type of government they had before it turned into a Presidential Republic. Right now in Egypt many…show more content…
They get hot, very dry summers, and moderate winters. They have many vast plateaus with the Nile river running through Egypt. They also have many natural resources that are found in all of Egypt, including, natural gas, which is used for energy, petroleum, and also used for energy and heating. Some other natural resources are, iron ore, used to make iron and then steel for cars and more, limestone, used for building, and manganese, which is used partially for making soda bottles to ensure sturdiness. The Nile river is also a resource that they use for getting their water. Egypt has many more natural resources found in the country. They’re economy has been boosting every year. The gross domestic product per capita is approximately 12,100 dollars as of 2016. The main jobs people have in Egypt that make the most money for them is textile makers for selling at stores and on the streets for people around Egypt, food processing, pharmaceuticals, construction workers, and more, those are just the main jobs people have in Egypt. Egypt 's agriculture is very little because there is not much fertile land to farm on. Only about 3.6 percent of their total land is fertile enough to farm on. They produce cotton, rice, corn, wheat, beans, fruit, and vegetables. They also use many animals including, cattle, sheep, buffalo, goats,
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