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I propose to research the Egyptian Civilization. In the paper, I will discuss the region with detail. Egypt is also known officially as the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is a transactional country located in the northeast corner of Africa. It is a Mediterranean country. It shares its border with Gaza and Israel to the northeast, the Red Sea to the south and east, the Gulf of Aqaba to the east, Libya to the west and Sudan to the south. Egypt has a long history. It emerged as one of the earliest nation states in the tenth millennium BC. Egypt experienced some of the earliest establishment of writing, organized religion, central government and urbanization.
In Egypt, there are a lot of iconic monuments like Great Sphinx,Giza Necropolis along with
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This complex of ancient monuments is located eight kilometers away from the old town of Giza. The pyramids were built in the Fourth Dynasty. Karnak is another important architecture of Egypt.

It is a temple located on the bank of river Nile. It consists of four parts the Precinct of Montu, the Precinct of Amon-Re, Temple of Amenhotep IV and the Precinct of Mut.
Research Needed
These are the things I need to research further:
I need to research more on the history of Egypt. I need to researchits ancient leaders, the religious leaders, political views and the government system. I also need to research the ancient structures and designs in Egypt.
I need to researchthe typical material and colors that are preferred by the Egyptian architects. I also need to research how the local material was used in buildings.
I need to research further on the pyramids and Karnak. I would research how they were built and structured.
Deadlines and Outlines
This is my proposed personal schedule with deadlines AND outline:
Introduction ( )
Historical Context ( )

Philosophies of Design (

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