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Primary Document The free dictionary states that a primary document is a direct source of information or research, a document that is not emended by a third party. So the primary document, I have chosen is a symbol. This symbol was created in ancient Egypt in the early dynastic period according to That period is between (c. 3150- 2613 BCE). The symbol is known as the breath of life or simply life. The symbol I am talking about is the Ankh. The ankh according to the encyclopedia of African Religion states that there is some thought by Kemetologists that the house of life was used for the temple library and other various information available for priests was dominated by images of the ankh. Some of the best philosophers, priests, and councilors went to the house of life to look at all the issues that was related to living forever. The form of the ankh in an oval supported by the letter T, hence the various theories about its original meaning. The top three according to the encyclopedia of African religion are, The coming together of the male and female genitalia, a type of sandal word by ancient Egyptians, and lastly the knot of Isis which appeared on many fabrics. No one knows for certain whether any of these are true because they aren’t any records giving notion about the symbol. It is…show more content…
Brenda hoffman also states that people who wear the ankh in modern times wear it as a sign of good luck or protection. One other use or mean for the ankh is an antenna for divine power of life that permeates the earth and many people are buried with the ankh to ensure their life in the afterworld. It is reassuring to know that the ankh is still being used for its original use and hasn’t lost its authenticity. Even some music artists today have been seen wearing the ankh. One artist who may be most known for wearing it is Erykah
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