Ancient Egypt's Influence On American Culture

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Culture is significant in forming our World’s history along with defining what a society is. Cultural impact will always exist due to history and national pride. But what exactly is a culture? To Americans, culture is the everywhere. Within our pop music, fashion, cuisine, and much more. To other civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, culture expresses why the people are significantly different than those in other nations. The culture of Ancient Egypt also sets the norms for current Egypt. In technical terms, a culture displays the arts and other abstract ideas of human achievement deemed, combined over time. Meaning, a culture is that of a group of people’s traditions and acts. Culture is important in defining what a society is as well as…show more content…
Through the structure of a government, a society is able to create a foundation for norms, values, and appropriate rules of law. More specifically, a government is what form the boundaries within a society, making it the leading factor in how people live. One example of this is the government’s decision of law. The people have to follow a set of rules in order to survive in their nation. Various other instances express why the politics of a nation are most important. In Ancient Egypt, the leader of the government was the Pharaoh. This leader owned everything, making the government within Ancient Egypt a dictatorship. This role was very important in guiding the civilization through all that happened. Without this Pharaoh, many believed that the society of Ancient Egypt would evolve into anarchy. The United States believes the same theory. Without a set governance and rule of law, there would only be chaos. However, we disagree with dictatorship. The United States lives in democracy. In this democracy, we have a president with many people behind him helping lead the country. We do this perhaps to not give one person all the power or even to include as much of the civilization’s people as possible. We see this taking place when we vote on a leader. We also see this when we vote on laws. These choices and government style are what impact everyday decisions in America. With examples from both nations, the importance of politics and government are
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