Athens Vs. Sparta

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Ancient Greece is depicted mainly for its beauty and it’s excelled display of war. However, the reason behind their debut which later led to war was present prior to the actual movement towards war. Since, both Athens and Sparta were prime examples of city-states compared to other current civilizations, they believed their different lifestyles were above all ways of living. On the other hand, Athens and Sparta gained allies with other civilizations in relation with trade, or exploration. Despite this, Athens and Sparta never considered becoming allies, since both civilizations greatly believed in their own opposing lifestyles. Thus, having these two city states with dissimilar lifestyles from one another, Athens and Sparta conflicted with each other which later on led to them going to war with one another (paragraph 4). In conclusion to Athens surrendering in their continuous battles against Sparta, I believe that Athens did win through influence over Sparta. While being present in the war against Sparta, The whole of Hellas, which was used once to carry arms, reminded Athens…show more content…
For instance, parallelism can be identified especially for the way ideas and lifestyles contrast with one another. While Sparta and Athens had their separate inputs towards society in their own ways, it also relates to how society today contrast and start conflict with one another (paragraph 4 and 8). Furthermore, relations involving past and present time can be compared by their complicated lifestyles. For example, Athens and Sparta both had diverse, and complex ways of lifestyle they made their people live by. Similarly, society or lifestyles today are complex and diverse from one another that address people what lifestyle to live by (paragraph 4-7). However, there are more comparing aspects that are presented that compare society then from Ancient Greece, to what society is
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