Ancient Gesture In Odyssey

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Chester Li
English 9B
23 May 2016
Unit 7: Reading Activity

"An Ancient Gesture"
What is the "ancient gesture"?
I think the “ancient gesture is when someone wiping his/her tears out of the the eyes by using his/her apron. I know this because the writer mentions Penelope and she have done the same thing--wipe their eyes with the apron. Also I think the ancient gesture implies deeper meaning--it may represents the emotions of wives toward their husbands.
According to the speaker, what cause Penelope to employ this gesture?
According to the speaker, Penelope uses the ancient gesture because she is missing her husband--Odysseus who leaves home for a long time to go to fight in wars and hasn’t returned home yets.
Why might the speaker have
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Because he went to wars and left his wife alone at home. He shouldn’t have done that. He didn’t take care of his wife and he left his wife crying lonely for the lost of him.
Who do you think the author felt was the hero in the Odyssey--Penelope or Odysseus? Explain.
I think the author think Penelope is the real and tough hero in the Odyssey. Because she is the one who takes care of the domestic matters and the son of Odysseus. And she is the one who is waiting for her husband to come back and she is crying alone and use her apron to wipe her tears.
"Siren Song"
In the first stanza, what song does the speaker say everyone wants to learn?
In the first stanza, the song that the speaker say everyone wants to learn a song that no one can refuse to learn it. The writer mentions it in the last sentence.
What does this song have the power to do?
The power of the song is it can make the soldiers get down the ships and go to the squadrons . The writer provides an example in the second stanza.
What does the speaker want in exchange for revealing the song's secret?
The speaker wants to get out of a bird suit in exchange for revealing the song’s secret. He mentions that in the third
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