Ancient Greco-Roman Legacy Essay

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How does the legacy of the ancient Greco-Roman world impact my life?

Rome has by far one of the most influential cultures in history, and Greece is right there next to it. Put these two cultures together and the contributions go on forever. Almost everything I have comes from the Greco-Roman world and I don’t even realize it. The world is full of inventions, foods, homes, and even societies that are influenced by Rome and Greece. My home has a long list of things in just one room that come their culture. So how exactly has their world and culture affected my life?
I’ll start with the bathrooms in my house. The Romans are the ones to thank for my shower and the option to have hot or cold water. Although it may be a little different now, considering the fact that in Rome the baths were a public place and most people saw the time for a bath also the time for small social gatherings and would gossip and chat with one another as they washed themselves. I would much rather prefer the privacy of my own shower. Without the Romans I
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Let’s start with the roads I use everyday. The Romans set up their roads and highways so intelligently. They would pack sand down, crush rocks and place them on top of the sand, mix gravel and cement and add that next, mix sand and gravel with cement and add that, and then would take large stones to place on top. They would also make the edges curved so that the water would flow off the roads. Much of this is similar to the roads I have all around me, so without the Romans I wouldn’t have that either. Roads in Greece weren’t as advanced, they were basically just dirt roads that were very difficult for travel. The roads would become very muddy when it would rain because there was no way for the water to flow off. So the roads I have now are more similar to the Roman road
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