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Year 7 Assessment 2016 Newspaper assignment: for end of year assessment Discoveries of Ancient Greece By Tyler Jin reporter from Dulwich times In here please paste an example of the best paragraph you have written for the TRAVEL SECTION of your newspaper: Greece is located in the southeast of Europe. The country is separated into two sections, the Isthmus and Peloponnesus islands. Greece is mainly covered by mountains and rocky land. The uneven landscape in Greece made transportation very hard in the ancient times. Greece had two main problems, which let the country down a lot. One of them was the lack of land and the other was the lack of materials. The Greeks needed a lot more land to farm and more materials for the people. The Greeks were always running out of materials and resources because at that time people were quite poor and didn’t have much money to buy things. They needed a lot more farmland so they founded some colonies in other regions for farming which also gave them more resources.…show more content…
Minoan art was one of the most famous types of art from ancient Greece that still remain. The artists that painted these paintings were trying to tell people about the society in ancient Greece. Minoan art also included lots of pottery as well. The Greeks were one of the first to begin making pottery. Most of their art was for daily use only. They made a lot of vases and bowls so they could use them in their every day. Other types of art all over the world also influenced Greek art. The Greeks started taking some ideas from what the romans were doing. Greek art wasn’t really made to out in the museums just for display. Most of the pottery that the ancients Greeks was made only for daily use. The Greeks made lots of vases and other daily use things using pottery skills. Long ago in ancient Greece, even some of the trophies were made like pottery since technology wasn’t that good at the

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