Ancient Greek And Ancient Chinese Science Comparison

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Title: A Glimpse to Ancient Greek and Ancient Chinese Science

1. Introduction
Ancient China and ancient Greece are cradles of ancient civilizations, where existed numerous philosophers who devoted their whole life to exploring nature, therefore ancient science was born. It is obvious that ancient Greek and Chinese science share some similar thoughts while having several distinctions.
2. Comparisons between ancient Greek and Chinese science
2.1. Similarities
Ancient philosophers in Greece and China had begun to think about the world and attempted to explain some phenomena they observed, however, their theories were mainly based on the observation and their thoughts, which led to inaccuracy.
Plato pointed out that sense experiences could be misleading but his solution to this problem was unsatisfying. He believed the only method to acquire true knowledge was by reasoning and remembering which lacked evidence to back up. As for Aristotle, he was opposed of controlled experimentation because he thought the constraints prevented the nature of objects from being revealed, which led to mistakes in his theory in our perspectives. Chinese philosophers established the theory of Five Elements and the theory of Yin and Yang, which were totally based on their thoughts, to explain the operation mechanism of the world, thus being criticized by later philosophers such as Wang Chhung for some paradoxes.
All in all, both ancient Greek and ancient Chinese science are immature and remained
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