Ancient Greek Dbq

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Greece DBQ Theater, government, and religion were all essential parts of ancient Greek culture. A unique trait which all of these aspects of ancient Greek society shared was progression and development. Theater progressed from simply relaying stories to tackling controversial topics which sparked discussion. Government showed growth and progression in both Sparta and Athens. Sparta developed a militaristic society which eliminated socioeconomic inequality and Athens’s monarchy evolved into a free democracy where people’s voices were heard. Religion does not contain progression as easily identifiable since there is no true timeline of the myths. However, it can be seen that over the course of many myths, there are Gods who hold power over…show more content…
The Myth of Prometheus follows a conflict between Zeus, who is selfish, and does not want to gift fire to the people because it would give them a better chance of becoming as powerful as Gods, and Prometheus, who sees the value of all of the learning and growth fire could inspire for the people. He understood that assisting others could be beneficial, and as a god it did not always need to be about remaining so superior to mortals. In the end Prometheus gives the people fire, and sees the great benefit it has for them. “It was not long until they learned to cook their food and so to eat like men instead of like beasts. They began at once to leave off their wild and savage habits; … and were glad because life had been given to them.” This myth shows the values of learning, and growth when people are able to evolve from “beasts” into people who can do things such as cook. This all begins with the outspoken opinion of Prometheus, that decides that the people need fire to keep warm. He felt strongly about his opinion, and therefore defended it, even though it involved disobeying Zeus. The power of speech used here has been proved so important, that an entire play was written by Aeschylus to exhibit it. Also, not only were there public plays showcasing these values, but ancient Greek forms of government encouraged the expression of…show more content…
All of their resources such as plays, laws, and myths brought in the power of speech as an essential part of learning which could lead people to progress which was so valued. They were all interconnected, and positively impacted ancient Greek civilization, so that it could continue to evolve into the Greece it is
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