Ancient Greek Influence On Society Essay

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Approximately 4,000 years ago the ancient civilization of Greece was started near Crete, an ancient island. “We are twice armed if we fight with faith,” these are famous words said by Plato, one of the many great philosophers, from Greece. When you hear these words you can easily tell this individual was brilliant. Greece’s amazing scholars like Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle were focused on improving the lives of their citizens. This is why Ancient Greece has influenced so many things to today’s society. Things like government, architecture, and sports. Ancient Greece has been a major influence that shapes today’s government. Ancient Greek government gave us trial by jury. The court system in Ancient Greece was taken very seriously. At the time there was no prosecutor and anyone could bring a charge against anyone else, there was still a set of rules you had to follow in court. In addition to this, judges had to take oath and there was a large amount of judges so the final decision wouldn’t come out biased. Today we still do this by having people put their hand over the bible to take oath. Next, Greeks worked very hard to keep a stable government running.…show more content…
They gave us the first form of a democracy, where the entire population has a say in the government. Look around at how many different countries rely on a democracy as their form of government. Next, just by looking at everyday buildings you can see our architecture is inspired by theirs. Structures like columns and significant buildings like the courts show ancient greek architecture. Even today’s sports are influenced by ancient greece. One of the biggest sporting events in the World, the Olympics, was inherited from Ancient Greece. With some changes we have modernized the olympics and made it the world’s own. Finally, these are some contributions and influences that Ancient Greece has on today’s
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