Ancient Greek Influence

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Ancient Greek Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Ancient Greek The art of Ancient Greek has always been recognizable for its distinctive features such as attention to details and precise depiction of a human body. Diverse types of art were influenced by the development of techniques and methods. The architecture, sculpture, and painting demonstrated the innovative vision of the art. Furthermore, the Ancient Greek art has made a significant contribution to the world art and influenced further generations. The pieces of art were created in order to attract attention and encourage people to follow the presented ideas of beauty and harmony. Architects and artists promoted balance and strive…show more content…
Accordingly, each time was influenced by historical events that made them distinctive. With regard to Greek architecture, it is characterized by the logical approach. Furthermore, construction became a representation of the Greek values and views. The human’s experience was a center of events. As a result, the buildings represented the particular attention to human and divinity. Moreover, each step of creating a structure from planning to decoration was prepared intensely. As a result, the ancient architecture is famous for the aesthetic approach. The proportions were calculated precisely in order to correspond to people’s needs correctly. Furthermore, there were introduced new elements such as columns, capitals, a base platform that made building resemble sculptures. The Erechtheion is a perfect example of Ionic order in architecture. The building impresses by its magnitude that was achieved with the help of fragilely elegant columns, lightening effect as well as exceptional decoration by applied ornamentation. Six statues of maidens serve as regular columns; however, the form of the building resembles the sculpture. Accordingly, the Erechtheion is an excellent example of classical architecture presented in Ancient Greece. It can be noted that the architecture helps to recognize the main principles of the country 's culture. The religion has also played a crucial role in the design. As an example, the mythological beliefs were presented in decorations, statues, and mosaics.Taking into account Ancient Greek buildings, it can be stated that the temples are incorporations of the fundamental principle of their society- perfection and reaching full potential. Another example is the Parthenon that is one of most exceptional examples of Greek architecture. It was built as a recognition to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and become a miracle of design with unique
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