Ancient Greek Research Paper

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There are many wonders in this world. One of them is Ancient Greece. The Ancient Greeks developed a culture filled with tradition. With great architecture, and advances in technology, the Greeks have helped us to mold our modern world. Today, we’ll be focusing on their mythology, cities, and government. “Zeus was the god of law and thunder (Riordan 154).” The Greeks made up myths to explain what they couldn’t understand at the time. For example, Zeus is the god of the sky. He controlled rain, lightning, and much more. They believed in him because there was no science explaining this back then. How would it rain? How did the sea work? Where did the dead go? These were questions the Greeks couldn’t fully understand. So they filled in the blanks,…show more content…
They were both successful for completely different reasons. Athens was well known for their smarts. Their patron god was Athena. Now, Sparta was well known for their violence. They had good war strategies and good soldiers. While Athens sent boys to school, Sparta sent kids to a school, where they learned how to steal, kill, and fight. Athenian boys learned how to play the lyre, public speaking, poetry, and more. The girls in Athens didn’t go to school, instead learning how to be a good mother and wife. Spartan girls went to school as well, however, and learnt how to fight and defend their home while their husbands were at war. “There was no central government in ancient Greece (Donn, par. 1).” Greece had a lot of government. They used tyranny, democracy, oligarchy, etc. Athens used direct democracy, because everyone could be represented. Tyranny has one ruler over everyone in the city-state. Oligarchy is where a small group of people rules the city-state, like Sparta. Democracy is where the government is ruled by a LARGE group of people, normally citizens. The Ancient Greeks have influenced our world so much, our government, our beliefs, and so much more! Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The Greeks made myths to explain the unknown, creating the myths we know today. Greece’s two of most well known city-states, Athens and Sparta, were so well known, yet so different. Greeks had many governments
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