Ancient Greek Values And Virtues In Homer's Odyssey

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It is often wondered how words are formed or created. Many of our words are derived from different older cultures, like the civilization of Ancient Greece. An example of this is the word museum which comes from the word muse. The Muses were greek goddesses of the fine arts who were prayed to by philosophers, musicians, and artists who seeked inspiration. The Greek poet and author of the famous stories The Iliad and The Odyssey was one of them. In the epic, The Odyssey, Homer displays Ancient Greek values and virtues through his character/hero, Odysseus. Odysseus is a true hero in the eyes of the Ancient Greek Civilization because he was intelligent, loyal, and extremely religious. During Homer’s lifetime, being religious was expected. The …show more content…

Another similar terrible sin is not being loyal to your spouse. Thankfully, Odysseus was a faithful husband to his wife, Penelope. Homer agrees when he writes “But in my heart, I never gave consent” (Homer, 917). Even though goddess and immortals desired him, he always only loved and longed for Penelope because of his admirable loyalty. Moreover, the only reason Odysseus remained with Calypso for so long was because she forced him to. That is until Athena pleaded with her powerful father, Zeus, to help liberate him. Justifying my idea, Homer wrote “Though he fought shy of her and her desire, he lay with her each night, for she compelled him” (Homer, 914). If it were not for the hypnotic nymph’s compulsion, the righteous Odysseus would have been reunited with his love and queen years before. In addition to Calypso falling in love with Odysseus, so did the enchantress Circe, who also kept him on her island and away from his home. Homer states “Odysseus and his men beg Circe to help them return home” (Homer, 935). Although Odysseus was given two chances to stay with a beautiful woman and become immortal, his love for Penelope, never ceased. Odysseus maintained his loyalty to his beloved because Homer wanted Odysseus to have heroic traits to make him more appealing as a role model in …show more content…

The Ithacan king is intelligent, loyal to his wife, and has a intimate relationship with the gods. In our modern society, just recently it has not been expected of to be religious. On the other hand, being clever, cunning, and intelligent, is still something that is well respected. Equally as respected as being a loyal spouse. However, The Odyssey also taught that a hero is never perfect. Every hero has at least one fatal flaw that makes them human. Odysseus's is

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