Ancient Greek Women Essay

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Women in Ancient Egypt were treated differently than women in Ancient Greece. Evidence of this is found in ancient tombs, temples, and artwork. Women in Ancient Egypt had better economic and legal protection, as well as better home lives, than women in Ancient Greece.
Women in Ancient Egypt had equal economic and legal protection as men. Women had the same basic human rights as men, and were seen as equals. A person’s economic rights were determined by social class, rather than gender. Once a woman was married, she could own joint property with her husband. Women could also manage their own private property and all that it entails, such as slaves, goods, livestock, and money. Women were also treated equally with men in the legal system.
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The Egyptians constantly searched for joy, and found great delight in the home with their family. Marriage was very common. The Egyptians believed in marrying for love and affection, and they enjoyed their spouse’s company. They strived for the principle of ma’at, or universal harmony. The Ancient Egyptian women loved and cared for their children, and recognized them as people. Women not only worked within the home, but also held skilled positions. Lower class Egyptian women could work as weavers, mourners, musicians, stewards, composers, singers, dancers, and bakers. Upper class women were educated and had the ability to read and write. This allowed them to hold positions such as priestesses, administrators, or supervisors, judges, overseers, governors, doctors, and even prime ministers. Women earned their own wages by being paid the same amount of rations and goods as a man if they did the same work. Egyptian women were allowed to be out in public by themselves. They were not restricted to their houses. Women often went out with their husbands. They attended banquets, hunted and fished, made and received offerings, and supervised affairs of daily life together. Egyptian women took great pride in their personal hygiene and the way they dressed. They used clothing, makeup, perfumes, and jewelry to set themselves apart. Women in Ancient Egypt enjoyed elaborate, happy
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