Ancient Greek Women

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I would have liked to be an ancient Greek if I were a male citizen. In Greece, men could vote, run for office and participate in daily life. Also, Greek men also received proper education and education is very important to me. Also, men could participate in plays. I really enjoy acting and would like to do that. There are two things that would make me not want to be an ancient Greek, and that is if I were a woman and if I were not a citizen. Women in ancient Greece were not held as equals to men. In Greece, it was the father’s obligation to make an appropriate marriage for their daughters, so that meant that in most cases women were married very young to people they didn’t really know. There was little concern for the women in these relationships.…show more content…
There was also the Greek belief that women had to get pregnant otherwise it would be bad for their health. Although I do want to have children, I do not like the idea of society saying that I would be getting sick if I were not pregnant. I want to be able to have a career, and have children, something that was impossible in ancient Greece for a woman. Overall, women had no political rights and were controlled by men at almost every stage of their lives, something that I would not be able to tolerate. I would do better in Sparta, where women were treated more like equals than in Athens. In ancient Greece there was the philosophical view that there was a natural superiority of males, and I would not have been able to put up with that if I were a woman. I am sure if I were a male, I would have just gone with the flow because it would not affect me. However, I do not like anyone thinking they are better than anyone else, so it would have bothered me. Non citizens were also not able to participate in political life in Athens. I do not like the idea of living in a place where I do not have a voice. Also, usually not citizens were poorer than citizens and given worse jobs. Non citizens also could mean slaves, and I would not have like to been a slave in any time period or place, Ancient Greece was no
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