Early Civilization Of Pakistan Essay

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Ancient India and China Cover Work Montes(9-1 and 9-2)
Early Civilizations of India and Pakistan : Edusystem and Edline Power Points
1. What did archaeologists digging in the Indus River valley of Pakistan discover in the early 1900s? They unearthed bricks, small clay seals, figurines, and other artifacts dissimilar in style to any they had seen before.

2. Define subcontinent: A large landmass that juts out from a continent.

3. What five modern countries make up the Indian subcontinent and its islands? It makes the countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.

4. What two mountain ranges make up the northern edge of the Indian subcontinent? The Hindu Kush and the Himalayas.

5. What
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41. Define brahman:

42. Define mystics:

43. What is the name for the written language of the Aryans?

44. Provide a basic explanation of purpose and content of each of the following:
a. Mahabharata:

b. Bhagavad-Gita:

c. Ramayana:

Chinese Civilization: Used the lesson on Edusystem and Edline Power Points.
45. What did the barriers separating China from the rest of the world cause them to see themselves as?

46. List the 5 major barriers which separate China from other parts of the world.

47. What outsiders were the Chinese most likely to encounter and what tended to happen to them?

48. Where is the heartland of China and why does it still have the largest populations?

49. What is the nickname of the Yellow River (Huang River)?

50. Define loess:

51. What major activity do (and did) all Chinese governments (peasants) concern themselves with?

52. What was the first major dynasty of China called and what was its capital?

53. Define clans:
54. What influence might noblewomen in China have had in the early period?

55. What weapons and armor did Shang warriors use?

56. List 5 major trade goods of merchants and artisans in China.

57. What was the home of a typical Chinese peasant like in the Shang

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