Ancient Indian Empires

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Ancient India had amazingly efficient and amazingly strong empires. India had two main empires the Mauryan and the Gupta. They affected India greatly by creating many amazing features. These empires were the roots for the rest of the Indian civilizations. Ancient India’ first civilization was so important since it influenced ancient and modern day India. The Mauryan empire was a great and powerful civilization due to its great leaders. The great leader named ChandraGupta Maurya was the first leader of the Mauryan empire and the first leader of India. ChandraGupta Maurya was a smart ruler since he had taxes spies and paid officials in crops. At the end of ChandraGupta 's life he apparently became a non-violent Jainist monk. Many years later another great leader would take ChandraGupta 's throne, that person was Asoka. Asoka was actually Chandragupta 's grandson. Many people consider…show more content…
The Gupta empire was a great and powerful civilization due to its strong leaders. ChandraGupta the first was the first leader of the Gupta empire. ChandraGupta the first started his leadership around 320 A.D his power grew when he married a princess to gain more land. His power grew when he conquered more land. After that his son ChandraGupta the second would take his place as ruler. ChandraGupta the second was one of the greatest rulers since he put India into a golden age. In that time period India advanced it art and literature. They also advanced in mathe by creating the decimal system, the number zero and finding the value of PI.
After creating an amazing trade system with China the Indian empire known as the Gupta soon came to an end. Ancient India’s civilization were so important for those reasons. ChandraGupta was a great leader and will go down in history. Him and Asoka made the Mauryan empire very strong. Also Chandragupta the first and Chandra Gupta were also strong leaders that made The guptas very strong. This was how the Mauryans and the Guptas strengthened India’s

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