How Did Solomon Turn Ancient Israel Into A State?

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1. How did Solomon turn ancient Israel into a state? What happened after his death? Solomon became King of Israel and divided the kingdom into twelve districts. Solomon decided to divide the kingdom into the districts so his kingdom can be more sophisticated as his Near East neighbors kingdoms. After Solomon became King he built a temple. The temple was devoted in a grand style. The temple was a home of the Ark of the Covenant that cherished Hebrew religious practices. The temple symbolized as the heart of the Kingdom. Once the temple was made Solomon redesigned a “rude” kingdom to a sophisticated kingdom. The Kingdom was known as one of the most untied kingdoms of its time. After the death of Solomon, the Kingdom divided into two halves, the …show more content…

Due to the release of the two kingdoms the unification of the two Kingdoms was untied once more. Cyrus the Great’s humanity was also recognized in the Persian Empire. Solomon rebuilt homes, sent sacred objects and rebuilt the temple he destroyed for the Jews that were enslaved in Babylonia. This showed that The Persian Empire could be dominant and deadly but, also be humbled and caring. Cyrus the Great also allowed Greek culture to the East. At that time it was unheard of for any kingdom to allow Greek cultures to be performed in the East. 1. Read Documents 7 and 8 (from The Book of Exodus and The Book of Isaiah). What can we learn about Moses relationship between God and the Hebrews? How does the story told here create a sense of purpose and the and identity for the Hebrews? How does Isaiah modify or change any of these images? What is the role of the prophets by this time? We can learn that Moses and the Hebrews had extreme faith in his God Yahweh. Moses was confronted by several challenges that God helped him overcome. God appeared to Moses in the burning bush meaning God also had faith in Moses to fulfill his tasks. Another thing we can learn from God and Moses relationship is obedience. Moses obeyed God in everything that God told him to fulfill. When God told Moses to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt, Moses did not stop until he led the Hebrews out of Egypt.

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