Ancient Kingdom Clover

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According to Clover the ancient kingdom was the enemy of the World Government. And it had ideals that possess a threat to the World Government. Even it 's name is considered a threat. The Gorosei ordered the to shot Clover before he could reveal its name. The only person who could possibly know it 's Robin. She had access to the same Poneglyph that Clover studied. If she wasn 't able to read it at that time or Clover had read other Poneglyphs at some point she will reveal its name. The World Government must have it since it 's possible to transport them. The Ancient Kingdom knew that they couldn 't win the war. Therefore, in order to protect the history and their ideals. They created the Poneglyphs. Indestructible stones that contain information about the void century.…show more content…
I believe this because there is a pattern of circles that appears in different important places. The pattern consists of 8 circles around 1 big circle. These circles can be found in the Kozuki clan 's symbol, Flags from the Kingdom of Alabasta, Franky 's clothes, and Skypiea. I only have identify 5 allies. It could be possible that the people from Birka were also allies. If not perhaps allies of the World Government or a neutral nation. Someone from the One Piece Amino community commented something really interesting in this theory. He said that it could be possible that the 8 circles represent the 8 moons of one piece. And that that the symbol could be the Ancient Kingdom 's Flag. If this it 's true then its allies could be more or less than 8. I believe that there will be an underground city in One Piece. Which will have enormous aquifers. If there 's one in the future. It could be possible that they could have another Poneglyph or at least had been an ally of the Ancient Kingdom. Whichever, the case maybe the circles are definitely a foreshadowing of something important. I hope you liked my theory. If you want more theories
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