Ancient Olympic Games

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Olympic games can be inspiring and thrilling to people all around the world that watch them. It can be so interesting to watch athletes compete against each other. People in the modern world love and enjoy the Olympic Games. Did ancient civilizations have Olympic Games too? If they did what did they watch them for and how did it help history?

To begin with, The first Olympic games occurred from the summer of 776 BC to the summer of 772 BC, as stated in passage 3 paragraph 12. The first events in the Olympics were running, long jump, javelin, shot put, wrestling, discuss, boxing, pankration and more. They took place in a wide, open, flat space called a hippodrome. Only men were able to participate in the ancient Olympics. Only those who were wealthy were able to compete in the Olympics too. However in the modern Olympics Chariot racing is not used anymore, Men and women can compete equally in team competitions or equally in activities like dressage or show jumping.

To continue, Olympic games were inspiring, thrilling, and exiting for people in ancient civilizations too.
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In the ancient Olympics games were scheduled during the full moon to the summer solstice. The Olympiad refers to the four- year period between two Olympic games. The Olympiads came up with a new standard for dating events. The Greeks identified each Olympiad by its year and even referred to it according to the name of the successful athlete. The first Olympic games and Olympiads could only be dated by counting backwards from the future which was not as trustworthy as the newer dating even the Greeks came up with later on. This helped history because for instance several centuries later Christian historians were able to assign dates to biblical events by aligning them with the Olympiads, as also stated in passage 3 paragraph 13. Ancient Greeks had a ton of methods to keep track of things that happened in

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