Ancient Roman Architecture

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The youtube video that Google Produced was very well constructed and gave us a keen insight into what it was the the architect looked like in the time of ancient Rome. Throughout the video One gets to explore and visualize the brilliance in the layout of each of the famous pieces of the Ancient Roman world. The architecture has elements that consist of Etruscan and Greek style in them. The Individual columns with the basic architectural unity throughout the entire building. Orders used to dramatize the design of the interior and exterior of the palace. This has been done by multiple framework with vertical and horizontal divisions that are engaged columns, and a few other artistic stylistic point. The Romans roof constructed, an extensive…show more content…
Throughout, the video one is able to see very many different types of famous architecture. Some of which included the colosseum, basilica ulpia, and temple of vesta. The most interesting piece of architecture that was shown in the video, was the colosseum. The colosseum measures to be about 620 by 513…show more content…
The Roman Triumph would last awhile and go through the entire capital of Rome. During the Triumph the emperor would see many famous building. For example at the beginning of the Triumph the Emperor would go through the Circus Maximus. The Circus Maximus was used mainly for chariot races. It was constructed in Rome during the 6th century BCE. The Circus Maximus was also used for other public events such as the Roman Games, gladiator fights, used for chariot races. Shortly after, exiting the Circus Maximus, one would find them self passing the Septizodium. This building was built in ancient Rome around 203 AD by Emperor Septimius Severus. The origin of the name "Septizodium" is from the Latin language for temple of seven suns, and was probably named for the seven planetary deities.. The Septizodium was located at the place where the Via Appia leads to the Palatine.The building had no known function and is more of a decretive piece then useful. If you are keeping going on this wonderful path you will find your self next to the Aqua Claudia. The Aqua Claudia was finished by Claudius in 52 AD. The date is known because it is was written on an inscription near Porta Maggiore, but Tacitus suggested that the aqueduct was to be used by 47 AD. Caligula ordered its construction because the other working aqueducts were now in adequate due to the
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