Ancient Rome Research Paper

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Ancient Rome was a rich and vast empire, molded by the rise and fall of numerous acclaimed leaders and emperors. History dating back from the maniacal conquerors and the most valiant of the combatants, to the greatest names in ancient history. Ancient Rome, also known as the early Italy, emerged in the early first century BCE. A lot of its history today is found through rich tales of powerful leaders. Rome first started off as a republic with long history of democratic rule, before it turned into a powerful ruling Empire. The city-state was ruled by a Senate, which was assembled by elected judges, consuls (government officials) and tribunes (leader of the plebeians). Leaders of Rome used strong military forces conquering the Italian peninsula…show more content…
The Populares were falling apart and lost of a lot of political power and were need of a savior. Pompey Magnus was that hope. Pompey came from a plebian family and his father was one of the first to serve consul under Sulla. He came to become one of Rome’s greatest generals and claimed victory in Africa, Sicily, Spain and Syria. His achievements led to Pompey being elected to consul in 89 BCE. The plebeians were hopeful that Pompey would fight for their rights and political power but instead he was a supporter of the privilege aristocrats. However he bribed the plebs with gift, festivals and money in order to gain their support, another form a…show more content…
He gained new allies and allegiance of numerous plebs and veterans. During his term, Caesar headed to the region Gaul and conquered new lands and in this time made himself fabulously wealthy and popular in the process. While Caesar was out overcoming Gaul, things were going bad back at Rome. Caesar daughter and Pompey wife Julia Caesar passed, breaking the alliance between the two families, leading the Triumvirate into rocky roads. The following year, Crassus was killed in fight in Parthia, which shattered the Triumvirate. The death of Crassus created disadvantages for Pompey because of the lost of his wealthiest supporter. With fewer funds to go around and to distract the plebs, the plebs started revolting and the city descended into
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