Ancient Torture Methods

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There has always been torture since the beginning of human civilization. Torture can be conducted for various reasons or for no reason at all. It can be conducted to extract information or to punish someone for what they have been accused of. It can also be done just for the enjoyment of doing it. For all of these reasons, there also are different methods that can be done. As twisted and inhumane torture is, people still commit this heinous act. I find it interesting the lengths humans will go and the creativity that in the methods.
One of the oldest methods of torture happened in ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, there was this bronze statue of a bull that would be hollow and have a small hatch big enough to fit a human. The victim would
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This torture method is still used by the Chinese government. This is performed any of its citizens portions a forbidden religion and will not renounce its practices. They are then seated on a wooden bench with their legs being straight along the bench and hands tied behind them to the nearest pole. They are then strapped to the bench in the thigh with rope. As they 're puttering seated, bricks are added under the feet one by one until one of three things happen. The police that perform this method would stop when the person would renounce their beliefs, or until their knees were bent backward and broken. Or if the accused was lucky and the rope snapped.
Centuries ago, being boiled alive was a common method of execution from East Asia to England. The person was stripped and then placed in a pot of boiling liquid, usually water, oil, or tar. The offender could also be placed in cool liquid and then heated to boiling. Records show that from the reign of Henry VIII, some people were boiled for up to two hours before they finally
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In the torture method implement, the victim would be put on a long log with one of its ends pointed. The victim would then be impaled by the log and slowly come closer to the ground as the log was held upright. The Judas Cradle was a device that had the victim sit on the pyramid-shaped cradle, after which they would be forced down on it by ropes with the intent of stretching the victim’s orifice over a long period of time. The victim was usually naked and the device was rarely washed. So if the torture did not kill you, the infection contracted from it
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