And Causes Of Natural Disasters In Nepal

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Nepal is a mountainous country where more than 70 percent of land covered by hill, high hill and mountains. Due to the geological condition of Nepal, Many natural disasters like Landslide, Flood, Earthquake, Avalanche, etc.) Occur in every year, resulting enormous casualties and huge economic losses in Nepal. Landslide is major disasters in Nepal. There are so many reasons to expose landslide risks like high poverty, increasing deforestation, bad agricultural practices in hill and sloppy area and lack o f public awareness. The vulnerable groups such as poor people, women, children , the elderly and people with disabilities have the minimal adaptive capacity to bear the risk (few, 2003, ICIMOD, 2012). In Nepal, landslide and floods directly affect to the people about 260 people are died and 30,000 families are affected in each year. There has been an average loss about 788 million Nepalese Rupees due to natural disaster ( Bhandary et al, 2013). Also, 2 percent of GDP is lost every year by a major disaster in Nepal. It might have a serious impact of economic development of the country if appropriate measures are not taken in time. (MoHA, 2013) The JURE LANDSLIDE is also one of the major natural disaster in Nepalese history. About 200 people were died with many people were missing and huge economic lost due to this disasster (JURE LANDSLIDE). We discussed on, Socio-Economic Impact of JURE LANDSLIDE A massive landslide occurred in JURE on 2 August 2014 at 2:35 am (ICIMOD,

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