And Disadvantages Of Communication Over The Internet

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Communication over the internet is on of the primary uses of the internet it has helps people everyday, as it can create networks of friends or colleagues. Communicating over the internet can be done by social networking websites such as Facebook it can also be done by email.
Social networking
Social networking is when one expands their network of friends. Social networking has existed ever since society was created, however the most popular form is done online. This is because when one simply leaves the house to go shopping, one is not likely to social network with people as usually no one is looking to expand their network. When we go online this changes as most people online are looking to expand their social network. The millions of users online makes it even easier as one is not restricted to a small area.
Facebook is an online social networking site which allows the user to add friends, share pictures with friends and send messages to friends. Facebook also allows users to join networks created by the workplace, pupils at school or other local communities.
Facebook was the first website that was user friendly enough to be considered a functional social networking website, however there were websites before it but these were more specific to certain communities, for example MySpace however this service was mostly for musicians. Facebook takes advantage of the revolutions within ICT to constantly be the best service for social networking as it uses the

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