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Disadvantages and Advantages Michelle D Vandervort HUM/186 August 28, 2017 Allyson Wells Disadvantages and Advantages The social media networking availabilities are on the rise to being the best opportunities one single could ever request. The advantages of having social media is knowing that being in one place, internet capabilities are endless. The variety and wealth of information that is available gives today’s society the ability to look up and learn things from the internet before getting involved in something that they don’t or won’t like later down the road of life. The availability of information is endless source for some. Personal communication with those in different countries has been obtainable through social media communication…show more content…
One advantage is that the businesses that individuals have here in the United States, we are able to share our idea with other countries and growing our businesses for tomorrow. The countries that we share our interests with, could share their interests and we each grow from each other in a positive way. Businesses can benefit from social media by sharing information of selling and making items that are new to ones’ lifestyle. When one has interests in a specific job or subject, there are groups to join to have others join and all have the same common interests in one location. The capabilities are endless of how many items one can sell online and run a business from home. Couple of advantages that are easy to understand for a simple mechanic business, is that you have a variety of web sites that are visited while shopping for a car of interest. With contact information at hand, contact the seller and arrange a meeting place to purchase the item of interest. The disadvantages to this, is that good intentions are brought forth with bad intentions, later…show more content…
Having the ability to screen shot information and make certain parts of the information go viral. History of information that has gone viral can pose a tendency to haunt the person who has made false information of the original post. l (University of Phoenix, 2011). “Broadcasting information can be posted and gone viral with the information being a total hoax and finding unbelievable false information.” Information can be posted over the web with deliberately negative or wrong information given stating they are the expert in that field of

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