'And Of Clay We Are Created'

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Imagine being responsible for the life of a little girl and cannot do anything about it. This young vulnerable life that just vanished away forever. Bella is a movie about a chef named Jose who was going be a professional soccer player until he wrecks his career because he accidentally kills a little girl and lives with that regret. “And of Clay We Are Created” is a short story about this young television reporter named Rolf Carle who tries to rescue a young girl stuck in mud-pit due to a volcano eruption in Chile. Through the use of flashbacks, family, and mood/tone from both protagonists of “And of Clay We Are Created” and Bella the author and director capture the hearts of the audience.
Flashbacks are used throughout both stories which reveal why both Rolf and Jose were very
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In the movie Bella, Jose uses flashbacks to show his life before the accident and the events that lead to the accident. The first flashback is when Jose waits for his manager Francisco to leave for an interview, a few kids from the neighborhood ask for his autograph. This shows how Jose’s life was going into a bright future and was on his way to fame. Furthermore in the movie, the second flashback shows how the tragic accident happened. As Jose is on his way to sign a contract with his manager Francisco, he drives into the streets, when a little girl runs into the street and Jose hits her. Jose had no idea that he ran over the little girl and rushed off the car. He then realizes that it was a child, the mother of the child runs out of her house crying for her daughter’s life. On the other hand, in the short story “And of Clay We Are Created,” the narrator utilizes Rolf Carle’s flashbacks of his
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