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And the Mountains Echoed is the third novel from the mighty pen of Hossieni and was published on May 21, 2013. It was anticipated as another strong success, reaching the top 10 on before its release and later becoming a bestseller. It was reported that three million copies had been sold only after the publication of five months. The novel begins in Afghanistan and moves to Europe, Greece and ends in California.
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The love between them and the sacrifices they make to each other evokes a deep sense of empathy. The novel begins in 1952 in the fictional village of Shadbagh in Kabul. Abdullah the elder brother of Pari is seen deeply attached to her and their relationship is inseparable. But havoc comes into their life where they are separated from each other. It’s was not into their fate to be together and sometimes the face of life is so cruel where horrific decisions are taken and eventually they are estranged by fate. Saboor the father of the siblings, his character reflects the plight of the people’s hardships and the choices they have to make to change their lives forever. The heartwarming relationship between Abdullah and Pari is torn apart by their father Saboor who lives an impoverished life is in a dire need of money and sells Pari to a rich couple from Kabul, Suleiman and his wife Nila Wahdati’s for the sake of money and also for the wellbeing of Pari. The idea of selling comes in the mind of Nabi, the step uncle of the siblings and also the chauffeur cum cook to Wahdati’s. Who does this for the sake of love for Nila and also feels sympathetic after knowing that she is incapable of having a child of her

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