And Then There Were None Analysis

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Can you imagine being surrounded by murderers for an entire week? In And Then There Were None, a mystery novel by Agatha Christie, all the characters are murderers and abandoned on an island for a week; none of them make it out alive. They all realize that someone is slowly eliminating them one by one. And Then There Were None, first published on November 6, 1939, is mostly about isolation, guilt, and blame. This book is also related to a poem known as Ten Little Soldier Boys, by Frank Green. At first, all ten characters get a letter from a mysterious person, who claims to be Ulick Norman Owen, that is either offering him or her a job or indicating that his or her friend will be there. Each letter is inviting them to an island named Soldier…show more content…
Armstrong to help him to fake his death. Justice Wargrave knows that Dr. Armstrong is gullible; Dr. Armstrong believes that Justice Wargrave cannot be the murderer because of his position. Justice Wargrave faked getting shot in the forehead and dying. Dr. Armstrong is then pushed off a cliff by the murderer. William Blore is then crushed by a marble clock shaped like a bear. Two people are left: Philip Lombard and Vera Claythorne. They both believe that the other one is the murderer. Vera Claythorne distracts Philip Lombard and she steals his revolver. Philip tries to convince her to give the revolver back to him and runs at her trying to get the revolver. Her response was to pull the trigger; Vera shot Philip in the head and killed him. Vera, knowing that she would be blamed for all of the other murders, hangs herself; Vera also commits suicide because of the guilt of killing Justice Wargrave is still alive. He writes a note about how he had a last for killing and a strong sense of justice. After he was a judge for many years, he desired to be the executioner. He wanted to kill in a special way while following his own sense of justice. Knowing that everyone on the island was a murderer, he started to murder them one by one. He thought of everyone as a murderer who got away with murdering someone. The way they died related to the poem Ten Little Soldier
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