And Then There Were None Murder Mystery

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Amanda Weng Sherfey Independent Reading Project #3 And Then There Were None Objective Summary In the murder mystery And Then There Were None, written by Agatha Christie, 8 characters receive letters written by U.N.A. Nancy Owen to take a vacation to Solider Island off Devon Coast. Soldier Island had been the only thing on the news lately and was rumoured to be bought by Miss Gabrielle Turl, a Hollywood film star. Each of the eight recipients were excited never-the-less. Each of the eight strangers had all been misled into having a certain reason to be visiting on the island. Vera Claythorne believes that she’s been hired as a secretary; Philip Lombard as an adventurer; William Blore as a seeker; Dr. Armstrong, to look after the island owner’s wife; Emily Brent, General Macarthur, Tony…show more content…
and Mrs. Rogers, the butler and housekeeper, advise them that an unknown Mr. Owen will not arrive at the island until the next day. The guests came together into a single room to eat a pleasant dinner, however later being abruptly stopped by a recorded stranger that listed each of the visitors and their undetected murders that they’ve committed in the past. Later that day, Tony Marston dies from drinking a poisoned whiskey. After they retreat to their rooms after the devastating death, Vera Claythorne realizes a similarity to Tony Marston’s death to a nursery rhyme “Ten Little Indians” hangs in several room on Indian Island. The morning afterwards, Mrs. Rogers had passed away in her sleep. The guests were going to take to go back home in the boat that arrives everyday to bring supplies to an island, however was stumped by the fact that it ended up not showing up that morning. General Macarthur goes to look out at the ocean, in belief he is the next one to die. Dr. Armstrong goes to check on him, later finding him shot in the head. As each of the visitors die, an Indian figure is taken away from table in the mysterious
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